Build Over Agreement Stw

There are two ways to get our approval if we want to build above or near our sewers: we are responsible for the protection and maintenance of sewers on our territory and it is really important that we protect them for all our customers and future generations. Sewers are often within the confines of private property and sometimes close to buildings. Construction work can affect these sewers and it is our responsibility to ensure that they are not damaged and we can continue to access them for future maintenance work; These are our hidden treasures. While there may be an adoption agreement, the agreement requires the proponent to enter into the agreement and ensure that sewers are accepted. The money is paid into a holding account and interest is paid at a rate set by OFWAT. The bond is released in accordance with the terms of the legal agreement. As an owner, you may want to consider expanding your home or building a winter garden or garage. Sometimes this type of work can affect underground pipes within the boundary of the land. A registration fee covers the cost of assessing and processing the application, the fee varies depending on the type of application and the degree of assessment required. The exact timing of the Section 104 application for agreement cannot be specified, as we will not reach an agreement until the design of the acceptable system is agreed upon. The time required to evaluate a bid depends on the quality of the technical submission. Their construction work may require a building permit or a building permit from the municipality.

Some works are covered by the development rights authorized by the owners or may not require a building permit (things like winter gardens, car ports and vets sometimes fall into this category). (Please note that this only applies to construction of a single piece of land with tubes 150 mm or less in diameter) Building above or near a sewer pipe could damage the pipe itself or your home. This can lead to higher costs for our customers and serious disruption. Therefore, if there are pipelines on your property, you should consider the position, size and design of your work before you start and contact us before work begins.