Sample Global Settlement Agreement

This settlement agreement of April 12, 2018 (the “colonization agreement”) is concluded by and between Deborah J. Caruso, Esq., Demsq., Dems, Dems, Dems. (the “Trustee”) of ITT Educational Services, Inc., et al., (the “debtors” or “ITT”) and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the Maryland Higher Education Commission; The California Department of Public Affairs, Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education; Missouri Department of Higher Education; Massachusetts Department of Higher Education; The Florida Independent Education Commission; Division of The Licensure School, Alabama Community College System; The New York State Education Department; The General Office of the State of New York; and the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina (together the Mediating States). The agent and the intermediary states (together the “parties”) declare that this comprehensive transaction agreement (“agreement”) is entered into by and between the parties described below and takes effect from the last execution date below (“effective date”). Given the commitments, agreements, releases and agreements contained in this agreement and the value received, the preservation and sufficiency of which are recognized, the parties agree: . This amendment and transaction agreement (the “agreement”) will be concluded as of March 2008 by Indigo-Energy, Inc., a company organized in accordance with the laws of the State of Nevada (the “company”), on the one hand, and the persons listed in Schedule A (the “developers”), on the other (with the company, the “parties”). 360NETWORKS (CDN FIBER) LTD., a company that, under the laws of the Province of Alberta (the company resulting from the merger of 360 networks (Cdn.) Ltd. (formerly 360networks (CN) Ltd.), 360networks (fiber 1) Ltd., 360networks (fiber 2) Ltd. and 360networks (fiber 3) Ltd.), this Global Settlement Agreement (the “agreement”) is between the Federal Signal Corporation (“Federal Signal”) and Cappelli Mustin LLC. , including each lawyer within Cappelli Mustin (“the company”) on behalf of all the plaintiffs representing the registry (the parties collectively referred to as “the parties”).

The terms of this agreement are: . . . THIS GLOBAL SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT (this “agreement”) of March 3, 2017, is of and worms NAVIDEA BIOPHARMACEUTICALS, INC., a Delaware company (“Navidea”) and Macrophage Therapeutics, INC., a Delaware company (“Macrophage” and with Navidea the “company”), Capital Royalty PARTNERS II L.P., a partnership of Delaware Limited, CAPITAL ROYALTY PARTNERS II (CAYMAN), L.P., a limited company , a partnership of Delaware Limited and CAPITAL ROYALTY PARTNERS II – PARALLEL FUND “B” (CAYMAN) L.P., a Cyman Islands Limited partnership (each a “Lender” and, collectively the “Lenders”), CRG SERVICING LLC, a limited liability company in Delaware, as successor director (agent) and