Transfer Of Sunrun Solar Service Agreement

With a contract to purchase solar electricity, you pay for electricity, not equipment. You don`t have to pay the high cost of solar modules and equipment. As a general rule, repairs, maintenance and monitoring are included in the contract. This means that you will get all the benefits of solar energy without having to worry occasionally expensive about the costs of solar energy, such as maintenance and repairs. Annual interest rate increase (also known as “escalator”): It is important to note that the monthly payment listed in your Sunrun Leasing or PPA offer is only your first year rate. Leasing and AAA often have an annual interest rate increase of about 3% per year, which is incorporated into the agreement. 2. Taxes. Quite self-explanatory – these are usually calculated on the basis of grid-electricity usage, so the more electricity you need from your solar panels, the less control you control. hurrah! It is important to note that some taxes are separated as individual items that you can see clearly, and some utilities incorporate the tax into their rates. If you sign a Sunrun lease or AAE, you authorize the company to install solar modules on your home.

Even if the panels are on your roof, you don`t have them. They simply agree to pay the owner (Sunrun) each month for the electricity generated by the plates. And if you`re moving, you should consider going to your new solar home. You already know the benefits of a solar home, so why not turn your new home into a solar home? We even have a special action for the former solar owners of Sunrun. Let your Sunrun solar advisor know. With a solar PPA, we install solar panels on your home and sell you the solar electricity it produces at a lower price than your service can normally provide. Simply put, you get clean solar electricity at a predictable price. With an AAE, your monthly bill is based on the clean energy your system produces each month, not on your total energy consumption. While you use the same amount of electricity from month to month, it is very likely that your panels will produce more energy in the summer and less in the winter.

This means that your monthly bill will most likely increase during the spring and summer months, if your solar panels produce more energy and decrease in the fall and winter, when solar module production generally slows down. Moving is stressful. The transfer of your Sunrun Solar Service is not necessary. Indeed, Sunrun has a dedicated team of service transfer coordinators, whose entire task is to help you transfer your Sunrun solar service safely and painlessly to the new owner. 1. Service and fees. This is usually a plan charged to all customers, regardless of the amount of electricity consumed. This is the tax you pay for connecting to the network. It may appear on your bill as one or more fees, but it won`t change if your solar panels are active.